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  In 1995, Pat Patterson had finished on his last catamaran design. Having been considered one of the world's leading catamaran designers, Star was perhaps his most ambitious project to date. A huge 43ft Motor Power vessel which could prove equally adept as a sail boat, Star would become Pat's home away from home and was never sold commercially like his previous popular designs, the Ocean Winds and the Twins variants.
Pat was awarded an inovation design grant from the government to develop the design and did a lot of very extensive model tow testing using a one third size model towed beside and by his 28ft power cat and driving the model with a 10hp outboard before finalising the hull design of Star.
Pat would sail Star along the old clipper boat routes through the Southern Ocean, past South Africa, Australia and eventually reaching New Zealand. He completed this voyage with his long term friend and companion, Tom. In the starstories section of this site you can read some of the personal diary extracts from Pat's journey and see some of the pictures they took as they travelled through volcanic islands, past the resting places of giant seals, penguins and walruses and through the often perilous seas of the Southern Hemisphere.
Sadly, due to failing health, Pat was forced to return home to Millbrook Cornwall, in the United Kingdom. In 2004, Pat passed away, leaving behind a legacy of boat design and craftsmanship which can still be found today within his popular catamarans all around the world. Star passed on to Pip and Debbie Patterson who have recently taken early retirement so they can continue taking Star on new adventures.  
After undergoing some fairly extensive hull repair at the Multihull Centre, Millbrook, as well as sporting a striking new paint job, Star would continue on many more journeys across the sea. In the starstories section of this site you can find out about the latest journeys of Star and her crew as well as viewing some amazing photographs, both taken on and off the sea.
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Below are some of the more spectacular sights as captured by the crew of the Star at the time. Some of these were caught on film by Pat on his journey to New Zealand whilst others are from Pip Patterson and the current Star Crew as they sailed around France and other locations.
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Star Voyages, current. Scilly islands and France.
(Current Star Crew: Pip and Debbie Patterson)
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To Kerguelen, May 2001(Pat Patterson and crew)
Read about the story behind these images here in Starstories

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South Islands, New Zealand, 2001 (Pat Patterson and crew)
Read about the story behind these images here in Starstories
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KeriKeri New Zealand, 2001 (Pat Patterson and crew)
Read about the story behind these images here in Starstories
Doplhins filmed from the deck of Star Catamaran, May Bank Holiday 2010
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Welcome to the starstories section of the site! Here we delve deep into the past voyages of the Star Cat and get some rare insights into Pat Patterson's own adventures through first hand dairy entries during his time aboard.
In addition to Pats Diary entries, we'll see hear some of the tales of Stars current crew and how they fared sailing to France and other locations. As well as a detailed account of the extensive hull repair and paint work which Star underwent in 2004.
Pat's Tales, stories from a seasoned sailor. Click titles below.
To Kerguelen, May 2001
A letter home during his cruise around New South Wales, 2001
The Southern Ocean, Sunday 18th Mar, 2001
Pat Patterson, a bullet point biog.
In for repairs, see the extensive hull repairs Star underwent at the Multihull Centre where she was made. Coming Soon.
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